January 8, 2015

Jaybridge’s Jeremy Brown to discuss technology-assisted truck-shovel spotting at the 2015 SME Annual Conference

Jaybridge Robotics’ CEO Jeremy Brown will present Technology-Assisted Truck-Shovel Spotting: Challenges and Opportunities at the 2015 SME Annual Conference.  He will also be taking meetings at the show.

Talk abstract:
In open pit mining, spotting is the process of aligning a truck with a shovel for loading. It is a primary source of inefficiency in the load-haul-dump cycle. Manual spotting varies with operator capability, and often a shovel may wait (hang) while a truck gets into position. Spotting while a shovel works puts the truck at greater risk being struck by the shovel leading to damage, injury, or death. Using technology to assist drivers in spotting could increase efficiency, decrease variability, and reduce the risk of collisions. Reducing average spotting time by a few seconds can generate significant additional revenues or save significantly on operational costs. Any solution must address several challenges in order to be effective. These include determining the relative positions of the shovel and truck; planning the truck’s path, especially when a straight line is not sufficient; ensuring that the path does not intersect hazards such as berms; and providing an interface that enables the driver to follow the path accurately. We will discuss these challenges and opportunities, and explore how assisted spotting solutions from Jaybridge Robotics and others are addressing them.