March 4, 2015

Jaybridge Robotics and Luck Stone will speak about “Cost-Effective Automated Haul Trucks for the Aggregates Industry” at the 2015 AGG1 in Baltimore

Jaybridge Robotics CEO Jeremy Brown will team up with Luck Stone’s Director of Innovation, Travis Chewning, to present Cost-Effective Automated Haul Trucks for the Aggregates Industry at the 2015 AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo on March 17.

Talk abstract:
From autonomous haul trucks in giant mines of the Australian outback to autonomous tractors in the American heartland, autonomous vehicles are changing the landscape of business. We are excited to share a story about a cost-effective automated haul truck aimed at serving the aggregates industry in the immediate future. Over the last two years, industry leader Luck Stone Corporation and automation developer Jaybridge Robotics have teamed up to make this vision into a reality. In this talk, we will make the case that haul truck automation is a technology for the aggregates industry in this decade, rather than decades from now, and we will show how innovation can flourish when industry stalwarts and technology entrepreneurs work together.