Jaybridge Robotics develops vehicle automation for heavy equipment applications.

From vehicle assist to full vehicle autonomy, Jaybridge offers proven solutions for enhanced productivity, increased revenue and improved safety.

Jaybridge has extensive experience in the development of turnkey automated solutions that are easy-to-use, require minimal operator training and—most important—deliver substantial value to your operations.

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About Us


Jaybridge is an emerging leader in autonomous vehicle design and development. We provide our customers with complete, turnkey solutions for a range of applications in the agricultural, aggregates and mining industries.


Our engineering team has expertise in vehicle motion modeling, autonomous navigation, autonomous perception, vehicle control, precision visualization, and intuitive human-robot user interfaces.


Whenever possible, we use commercial, off-the-shelf components in conjunction with our software. Our rigorous processes in design, engineering, and testing ensure high-quality, well-tested and robust solutions that stand up to punishing environments.


Josh Pieper

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

In his role as chief technology officer, Josh makes sure that Jaybridge Robotics maintains rigorous quality processes, exhibits outstanding program management, and remains on the cutting edge of engineering and research. Before cofounding Jaybridge Robotics, Josh was lead developer at Bluefin Robotics on projects such as deep water survey vehicle development, high-accuracy timing solutions, and development of mission planning and analysis tools. Josh's autonomous system experience includes large-scale software design and development; electrical and mechanical design and development; sensor and microcontroller selection and integration; digital, low-speed analog and FPGA circuit design and board layout; and extensive fieldwork and troubleshooting for ground and marine robots. He is also a member of the SAE AS-4 (JAUS) standardization committee, which advances the cause of compatible interfaces to unmanned systems worldwide. Josh holds an M.S. ECE from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jeremy H. Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

As president of Jaybridge Robotics, Jeremy is responsible for operations, marketing, business development, and aspects of advanced technical problem solving. His professional work with robots encompasses more than fifteen years. Before cofounding Jaybridge Robotics, Jeremy worked for leading autonomous underwater, ground, and aerial systems developers. He held senior engineer positions at ITA Software and at Bluefin Robotics Corporation and consulted for various companies, including Newton Research Labs. Jeremy holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT.


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Video: LDX haul truck automation solution in action

August 22, 2015

LDX by Jaybridge Robotics automates haul trucks for autonomous operation. This video shows LDX in action loading, hauling, dumping, and more.

Aggregates Manager covers Jaybridge’s Autonomous Haul Trucks

August 7, 2015


Luck Stone and Jaybridge Robotics are collaborating on a system that fits the unique needs of the aggregates market. Within 12 to 18 months, they expect to have the prototype unit of a lead-driver concept in place. This would allow a fleet of autonomous haul trucks to follow a single operator-driven truck throughout the load-haul-dump-return route. Eventually, they expect to see the driver out of the truck all together… — http://www.aggman.com/under-development-autonomous-trucks/

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